Summer Internship with The Overlook

The Center for Sustainable Living is seeking a summer intern who is excited to engage with projects at the intersection of environmental sustainability, food security, makerspaces, and placemaking. The CSL is a long-running and growing community organization, and selected interns will work with its many established and developing projects with the guidance of experienced volunteers.

The internship may include any combination of the following, according to the applicant’s interests:

  • Working with the Glenn Carter Community Toolshare to organize and develop a new space for a tool library and workshop.
  • Developing a digital interface for the community tool library.
  • Engaging in creative tasks that help determine the trajectory of the workshop as it moves into a new space.
  • Caring for a community-run permaculture garden.
  • Gaining an understanding of the interactions of various food-bearing plants.
  • Researching grants and grant writing to obtain funding for partner organizations.
  • Public outreach.
  • Working together to further your own professional goals and interests.

Successful applicants are:

  • Comfortable with community engagement and getting your hands dirty.
  • Proactive and self-motivated with regard to research.
  • Able to problem solve technical issues as you go.
  • Able to take a leadership role when working in teams.
  • Available approximately 15-20 hours per week, including weekends. Scheduling is flexible.

Though a summer stipend cannot be provided by the Center for Sustainable Living, we will work with applicants to apply for funding through Indiana University.

To apply to work with us, please email and include any relevant coursework, 1 reference (from any job, academic, or volunteer experience), your specific interests and goals for the internship, and a link to any social media that you want to provide. Deadline for the internship is April 20th. We look forward to hearing from you!

Inspired and passionate people collaborate at the Center for Sustainable Living of Bloomington, Indiana to share how we can care for our Earth and live well, together. Our non-profit has more than 20 years of experience nurturing great ideas like yours, so find your place and do great work with us.

The Center for Sustainable Living supports 12 different projects.
Find your passion and jump in!


Hosting potlucks and encouraging advocacy for sustainable eating with other vegetarians and vegans in your community.

About the Project

BloomingVeg is an all-ages social and advocacy group for vegetarians, vegans, and veggie-lovers alike. BloomingVeg was founded in 2012 to help at the local animal sanctuary, promote and publicize vegan dining options in Bloomington, demonstrate against animal cruelty at circuses, and engage in similar friendly efforts to help others live more compassionately.

Also, because eating is such a social aspect of our lives, we wanted to provide a venue for fun gatherings like potlucks, holiday cookie swaps, Meatless Monday dinners at local restaurants, and more among like-minded people! If you are a long-time vegan or vegetarian, just starting out, or maybe you just like eating vegan food, BloomingVeg has something for you! You’re welcome in our friendly group of compassionate eaters.

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Presentation: Race, Class, and Species

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Learn about agriculture for Earth Day!

Earth Day is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate than learn about an industry that is one of the most detrimental to the planet + how you can take action to make a difference!


Bring Your Bag Bloomington

Encouraging everyone we come across to use reusable shopping bags.

About the Project

We spend time talking one-on-one to people in grocery stores and at various community events, explaining the problems with plastic bags, and distributing free reusable bags. Person by person we are showing how small individual changes can lead to measurable, community-wide improvements! If you’d like to help make simple changes that have huge impacts, then join our efforts to teach and inform.

The original goal of Bring Your Bag Bloomington was to introduce a city ordinance to drastically reduce distribution of single-use plastic bags by implementing a ban and/or fee on bags. After working towards this goal for 18 months, the Indiana Legislature rushed through a bill in March 2016 which banned any local laws controlling plastic bags or any other disposable food containers. This was outrageous, but nevertheless we have continued to encourage everyone we come across to use reusable bags.

Habitat Stewards

Establishing wildlife habitats, increasing biodiversity, and beautifying the land anywhere there is a bit of space.

About the Project

Through Habitat Stewards, we take the national Backyard Wildlife Habitat principles and share with others the joy and benefits of growing local native plants, establishing wildlife water and shelter needs, and more. We started by working to certify Bloomington as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Today, we still encourage new wildlife habitat developments throughout Bloomington and share what we have learned about our local ecosystem. You can help create wildlife habitats in backyards around our community!

Life-Sized Bloomington

Life-Sized Bloomington is a collection of educational + fun events and resources for folks of all ages who want to learn more about the built environment, people-friendly design, and civic engagement.

About the Project

During our first workshops, we used a large map to visualize our ‘third places’ (the community that isn’t at work or home). Some things to expect in the future: workshops, talks, and events around the topics of placemaking, urban planning, accessible spaces, using maps and data, learning how to contact your council rep and getting engaged in local government, Jane’s walk, and more!

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Updates to Zoning in Bloomington

Exciting news! There may be more equitable and sustainable housing options coming to Bloomington, after all! There are proposed updates to the UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) zoning map. To better…



Bringing solar to more places to expand the number of businesses and public buildings powered by the sun.

About the Project

The Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) formed in 2008 to promote an alternative energy model to reduce dependence on coal. Since then, we have continued to help more and more homes, businesses, churches, governmental buildings, and schools become solar powered. By presenting free, public Going Solar programs, and organizing Solarize group-purchase programs in partnership with city teams around the state, we help overcome barriers to adoption of solar in the Midwest by demonstrating its performance, affordability, and availability. If you want to see our culture move away from fossil fuels as a foundation, embracing the possibility of carbon-neutral energy, then join our efforts right here in southern Indiana.

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Solar For All

Purchasing solar power together to expand access to those with limited funds, providing energy independence and economic savings for all.

About the Project

By quickly ramping up photovoltaic (PV) installations in Indiana, we are making solar power financially accessible to those with limited funds through our bulk purchasing and collective subsidizing plan. Together we are increasing energy efficiency, building community, and creating resilience.

The price of solar installations has dropped dramatically in recent years, yet people with fixed or limited income still cannot afford to buy in, and typically do not qualify for the federal renewable energy tax credit. These people are also the most vulnerable to inevitable electric rate increases and have the most to gain from reduced utilities expenses. All households, businesses, and other organizations are eligible to participate and benefit from the bulk purchase discounts we negotiate in a given area, and by buying with us subsidize installations of solar PV systems for people with fixed or limited incomes—providing some energy independence and economic savings for all. Not only do people of all economic positions benefit from our purchasing plan, but along the way volunteers gain skills in home weatherization, solar installation, and roof repair. If you want to learn these skills for possible new employment opportunities and help spread solar access, this is the project for you!

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Recent Posts

2021 application forms now available!

2021 application forms now available!  

Indiana Solar for All Partners With City of Bloomington to Expand Access to Solar Power

ISFA and the City of Bloomington issued this joint press release on January 8, 2019.  Bloomington, Ind. – Indiana Solar for All (ISFA) is again partnering with the City of Bloomington…

Shop Global Gifts on November 13

On Tuesday, November 13, from 5 to 8:30pm, Community Night at Global Gifts will support Indiana Solar for All.  During that time, 10% of all profits will be donated to…


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